Fractional property Borgo di Vagli

Fractional property Borgo di Vagli

Fractional Borgo di Vagli is a unique opportunity to enjoy Tuscany in its essence, both in style and in spirit!


Borgo di Valgi, has an incredible history dating back to the 14th century where its purpose was as a bastion for the Rocca di Pierle, a magnificently maintained keep from the dark middle ages, just below the hill from the hamlet.

Borgo di Vagli is tailored for those of you seeking a peaceful environment full of magic in an inherently typical Tuscan dwelling and landscape.

Having been restored as authentically as possible whilst adding today’s comforts and criteria, the hamlet has been brought as close to its 14th century character as it is possible.

Whenever possible the restructuring has been done maintaining as much of the original window mantles and door frames, thus some of them are small and low. This is authentic and it has been kept this way purposefully; for example doors and windows have been left where they existed centuries back framing bucolic Tuscan landscapes through the ages!



Of the many unique features and details that make an impact, are the roofs, by which they are covered with the same ancient slate stone from the area, that provides the effect of camouflaging the hamlet into the landscape.


The road leading to this incredible hamlet nestled on a hillside is a 2 km unpaved windy road alongside a 1000 year old track. Driving towards the hamlet overlooking the hillside and the valley is the perfect overture for what you will find once you arrive and it provides a dose of privacy that just adds to the many plusses it has to offer.


Reaching Vagli from Rome will take approximately 2 to three hours, or from Florence about 1 and a half hour drive. It is in the province of Arezzo near Cortona.


Fulvio di Rosa, an architect and engineer, with a vast international experience has led many Tuscan restructuring projects and fractional Borgo di Vagli is the result of many years of experience resulting in an incredibly esthetically pleasing environment and a fantastic atmosphere. He started this project in the year 2000 and accompanied the development in every single detail until 7 years ago when the caring and rebuilding of the Borgo di Vagli was finally completed.



Ownership at the hamlet is a wonderful way to establish a family legacy in this beautiful region and enjoy the benefits of the historically buoyant rural Tuscan real estate market.

The fractional ownership format is ideal for those who dream of owning a country home in Tuscany, but are unable to justify the cost and time-consuming maintenance and upkeep responsibilities typically associated with owning a home abroad.


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Well known author Frances Mayes (Under the Tuscan Sun) has followed the restructuring of Borgo di Vagli since its first steps, and has written in her book “Bringing Tuscany Home” the following excerpt describing the hamlet: “The luscious yellow, salmon and blue colors paints of the interior walls are mixed with earth then applied directly onto the plaster, creating a chalky, fresco color depth.”

Borgo di Vagli has been set up with 21 different dwellings within an incredible natural enclave and a heated pool that follows the shape of the cliff. In addition to the residences, Borgo di Vagli offers a hotel service with several amenities such as reception, concierge, a wonderful trattoria, which serves mouth-watering Tuscan meals and a small market for your basic necessities.


For those interested in living the atmosphere of the unspoilt Tuscan countryside, with its bucolic landscapes and tempos, Borgo di Vagli provides an interesting buying opportunity available in fractional vacation-home ownership.

The purchasing alternative Borgo di Vagli provides allows you to enjoy virtually unlimited holidays in a place you can call your home, in the heart of Tuscany, subject only to very easy and friendly reservation policies.

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