Cortona Golf Spa

Cortona Golf Spa

Why fractional ownership Cortona? In Tuscany?

Simply because it makes sense. Owning a villa in Tuscany has been the aspiration of countless voyagers captivated by the rich history, culture and splendor of all that Tuscany has to offer. At once romantic and alluring, visitors return year after year to the breathtaking landscape, the remarkable art and architecture, and the fabulous food and wine for which Italy is so famous.

Being a part of the Cortona Golf Spa Resort allows you to do more than aspire to these delights; it enables you to partake of them in magnificent fashion. Fractional ownership Cortona, with worry-free accommodations, provides the best of everything at a fraction of the cost and without the custodial burdens. Fractional villa ownership, which in today’s world market is taking a place of its own, is the ideal alternative, particularly because many investors have neither the time nor the resources to visit a second home frequently enough to justify the cost.


Fractional ownership Cortona? Yes! At Cortona Golf Spa Resort, the benefits of fractional ownership in Tuscany, Italy, far outweigh any apprehensions. The resort spans over 200 acres, and includes a Gary Player Design 18-hole golf course, a four-star luxury hotel, and accommodations to suit all tastes, rendering ownership at Cortona Golf & Spa Resort far more than an enviable asset. Each Tuscan villa offers every amenity that befits the enthusiastic vacationer, and everything is provided for, from maid service to the corkscrew that corks your Italian vintage, which, incidentally, is produced by your neighbouring vineyard, Tenimenti d’Alessandro, the maker of world renowned Il Bosco and Magliara Syrahs, and which have recently scored a 95 and a 98, respectively, by Wine Spectator!



As to the residences, the townhouse structures of Cortona Golf Spa Resort are nestled within the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside and are set in a medieval pattern around a central square, creating quite the romantic appeal, while separate unconnected structures border the property for those seeking greater seclusion. In addition, the proximity of the fractional ownership Cortona resort to the marvelous cities of the Tuscan region afford enough pursuits to occupy the sensibilities of the explorative traveler.Tuscany Real Estate - Cortona Golf Spa   - IRC MG Brochure Villetta

Only a small fraction of fortunate investors ever get the chance to be part of something so magnificent. And every year, upon your return, all will be as you expect, arranged just as you wish.

Attention to detail is the strong-point for our members, and you and your family will enjoy the same rewards.

Once you have arrived, you understand the wish to return each year to the splendor of the landscape, the enchantment of the city, and the gustatory delights presented at the local Trattorias and Osterias, where you will renew old acquaintances and create new memories with family and friends.

This is truly the idyllic diversion, where one can retreat from the day-to-day hassles of life and stop to savour all that the European holiday signifies, all that fractional ownership in Tuscany represents, and all that Italy symbolizes.


Tuscany pulls you in and it draws you back – a yearning that so many strive for and, yet, so few achieve. Cortona Golf Spa Resort makes it all possible . . . and more, and without the commitment of home management.

They have thought of everything for you and made it easier than ever to own your villa, on your golf course, with your wine stored and waiting for your return year after year.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about fractional ownership Cortona Golf Spa Resort. We are excited to offer ownership opportunities in Tuscany’s first luxury golf resort.

Contact us for information regarding pricing.

What type of homes are for sale?



The resort has several different type properties, some are stand alone and some are semi-detached. Additionally there are smaller apartments grouped close to the hotel that are called “the Borgo”.

All agreements contemplate yearly maintenance and membership fees, at three possible membership levels. Shares being sold are currently at 1/16th fraction of any of the homes available.

Below is a brief description and rendering of the different styles available.

C1 Style

C1 type villas are the largest model, they are stand alone, on the edge of the hamlet directly on the golf course. They are set on two floors and have three bedrooms plus a large studio with sofa bed that easily can be the fourth bedroom and three bathrooms.


C2 Style

C2 type stand alone villas are set on two levels and have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. A wonderful feature is the terraces that overlook the surrounding area and Cortona.

C4 Style

C4 type villas have been built in set of twos, with one common wall and built as mirrors of each other. Built with only the ground floor they have 2 bedrooms and a studio that can be used as a third bedroom with the sofa bed and two bathrooms.


The Borgo “Hamlet

The Borgo has smaller apartments of two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with different layouts. Some of them have two large double bedrooms while others have one master bedroom and one smaller bedroom. A few of them have terraces with wonderful views. The hamlet has the additional convenience of being near the hotel with all its services, restaurant and spa.


We hope to have enticed you to consider Cortona Golf & Spa Resort as a possibility to your vacation in Tuscany.


If you would like more information about Cortona fractional ownership Golf and Spa Resort or any other any other type of Tuscany property, or if you have an inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.