Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership

What is fractional ownership in Tuscany?Fractional ownership is a coined term to express the division of any asset into portions or shares. If the asset is property, the title or deed can be legally divided into shares, essentially it is partial ownership of a property.


Fractional ownership is attractive because it offers an easy way to own vacation property: why not think about property in Tuscany? You would own Tuscany real estate yet minimize the burden of being responsible for the property and related expenses. A separate management company often times provides upkeep services that might even include the cost of utilities, taxes and insurance.


Shared ownership of the property and its deed will also entitle shareholders to certain usage rights, usually in the form of weeks. An important difference between timeshare and fractional ownership is that the purchaser owns part of the title as opposed to buying “units of time”.

With fractional ownership a buyer realizes the same benefits as in real estate ownership; as an example if the property appreciates in value so do the shares.

Tuscany villas are a worldwide recognized interesting real estate investment. If you are thinking of buying an expensive property that you might only be able to live in during a limited time you might want to look into purchasing a share of it, and share in the burden of maintenance and taxes with the other shareholders.

Make sure you ask your Tuscany agent about fractional ownership Tuscany; some countries & regions have tax benefits such as capital-loss allowances.

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