About Us . . .

Valerie Bottazzi originally settled in Tuscany while working in the wine industry, but the allure of the lifestyle, and the enchantments of Tuscan life convinced her to stay.

Valerie was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the first generation born outside of Italy. After college, she studied on a Fulbright fellowship at the University of Southern California.
As she finished her graduate school her life led her onto an odyssey that took her to the wine country of Argentina, Napa, and finally to Chianti, producing two wonderful boys along the way, and convincing her that her place is in the rural Tuscan hills.
Valerie is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and French, making relations with the international community that much more fun.

Having realized not only the draw, but also the pitfalls foreigners often face when trying to establish a base in Tuscany, Valerie saw an opportunity to utilize her talents to smooth the way for visitors and those interested in owning property in Tuscany, explaining the vagaries of local laws and regulations, acting as translator and interlocutor, and helping them experience Tuscany as a Tuscan would.

Recognizing the fascination that Tuscany has for the world traveller gave birth to Rent in Tuscany. The natural follow up as she was inundated with requests to find suitable properties to buy, and to help people negotiate the purchasing process was the creation of Tuscany Real Estate in order to provide a reliable database of available properties and a current assessment of market conditions.

Valerie became a licensed real estate broker under Italian law, which allows her to work all throughout the Italian territory.

Her previous corporate career path, her Master in Business with a major in entrepreneurship and her real estate broker’s license in alignment with Valerie’s international skills, work ethic and first hand knowledge of Tuscany, make her a reliable real estate source for anybody seeking to buy or sell a property in Tuscany in addition to a powerful source of advice about the Tuscan region.


“I continue to work to make all of our clients delight in the joys of Tuscany as much as I enjoy living in this land. Come share Tuscany’s magic, your place is here!”